Holidays, Special Events, & Weird Stuff

These films were shot all over the country. Some focus on holidays, weddings, parties, and other special events. Others are simply fun and we like them. The captions in [brackets] include labels from the original item in “quotation marks.” We add estimated dates and other details.

#83. [Asian male teenagers at bus station, crowd seeing them off, 1970s.] Super 8mm. Color.
#52b [“Rollerskating Show,” ca.1970s.] Super 8mm. Sound. Color.
#147. [“Xmas 1953/Maghakian Wedding.”] 8mm. Color.
#141. [“KA Rush Movie, School Year 1958-1959.”] 8mm. Color. Compilation film shot at the University of Texas, Arlington. *Warning: includes footage of a confederate flag.
#138. [“Kindergarten”, 1930s + Italian family at Christmas.] 8mm. Color and b/w.
#77. [Double Exposure, 1960s.] 8mm. Color. Here the same roll of film was exposed twice, once on each side, which created this double exposure.
#48. [Christmas Twins, 1950s.] 8mm. Color.

Coming Attractions

Below is a list of films we will be digitizing in the coming months.

  • #196. [“Hawaiian Party,” 1960s.] 8mm. Color.
  • #198. [Older man’s birthday party, family goofing around with instruments and wigs, ca. 1960s.] 8mm. Color.
  • #219. [“Parties,” 1950s.] 8mm. Color. Ladies who lunch. A number of dinner and bridge parties on one reel.
  • #223. [New Year’s Eve, young adults drinking and playing Twister at a party, 1960s.] Super 8. Color.
  • #225. [“Daddy in Underwear, Part 2, 1960 or 1961.”] 8mm. Color. “Daddy,” who was probably a Naval officer and stationed in San Francisco, walks through his daily routine for the camera. He disrobes, prays and climbs into the upper bunk in a shared room, then wakes to his alarm, shaves and dresses in an orange jumpsuit for the flight deck and leaves.
  • #226. [“Xmas/New Years Eve 1964.”] 8mm. (Lovely) color. Young couple with great midcentury tree opening presents, and another cute apartment for Christmas dinner, a New Year’s Eve party with dancing.
  • #252. [“Rose Bowl Parade 1-1-1962.”] 8mm. Color. Really lovely, colorful footage of that year’s Rose Bowl Parade floats (including one with LAX’s Theme Building and another for the Flintstones), and more.
  • #253. [Japanese-American Family Sits Around Chatting and Watching Cute Toddlers and Babies on Christmas Morning, 1950s.] 8mm. Color. Cute midcentury apartment and even cuter kids.
  • #264. [“Holly – Xmas ’72 at Sears, SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) Xmas Party, First Christmas in Our New House and The Bavins.” Super 8mm. Color. Toddler Holly struggling with the concept of sitting on the Sears department store Santa’s lap. Instead she opts for an air kiss and runs around touching all the toys and dolls and stuffed animals, trying out a couple of different tricycles, checking out the decorated Christmas trees on display, and kissing plastic illuminated Joseph and Mary in a nativity scene. Holly in a fancy dress and Christmas necklace accompanies her parents (and grandparents?) to a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Christmas party for employees and their kids, Holly takes her gift from Santa this time and gives him a smooch, kids dancing in a circle (with Holly’s grandpa?),. Now the family’s living room with its Christmas tree, tons of decorations and cards, then Holly coming down Christmas morning to open all her presents (including plastic roller skates and a Fisher Price barn and School Days Desk. Other family members join them later to open presents.
  • #274. [Youngsters Football Game, Creatively Shot, ca. late 1960s.] 8mm. Color. A game between two uniformed high school (?) football teams with lots of close-ups and slow-motion shots, fancy edits. Perhaps a student film?
  • #289. [“Square Dancing, Dancing Class #3,” ca. 1950s.] 8mm. Color. Adult dance class students square dancing in western-style costumes and bobbing for apples at a Halloween-themed party.
  • #290. [“1957, Thanksgiving, Christmas Dinner, Living Room.”] 8mm. Color. Classic Thanksgiving scenes with big family around the table, carving turkey and eating heartily, kids dressed up in pilgrim and “Indian” costumes, followed by a bigger group around table at Christmas, decor and cleaning up, eating pie, and kids roughhousing in matching outfits in the living room.
  • #292. [“1973 Thanksgiving at Joan and Leo’s, 1973 New Year Party, 1974 On Patio at Mom and Dad’s.”] Super 8mm. Color. Fun early 1970s clothes and hairstyles, goofing around in the kitchen and folks waiting around to eat, Christmas dinner, opening presents, a basement New Year’s Eve party, and indeed “mom and dad” on their porch and posing in their yard, summer. See #303 below for more of this family.
  • #293. [“Horses and Carriage, Skiing, Sleds, Snow, Parade, (Bond or Bend?) White” 1930s.] 8mm. B/W. Lovely footage of a family on a country farm on a horse-drawn sleigh, sledding and skiing, a rambunctious dog, a horse pulling skier and kids on sled, a parade with an equestrian doing tricks, horse-drawn fire truck, etc., and finally the exterior of a factory.
  • #303. [“Christmas with Jim McDonald and Dinner at Joan and Leo’s,” late 1960s/early 1970s.] Super 8mm. Color. Family (same as in #292) in fun clothes opening presents and camera stops on every person as they show what they received, guys setting up an 8mm camera in the driveway for some shot, family makes punch and starts drinking champagne, folks fill their plates, the oldest son in a Navy uniform holding a white poodle and siblings come and stand by him.
  • #305. [Boy’s School Students Doing Private School Things, ca. 1940s.] 16mm. Color.
  • #313. [African American Family at Christmas, late 1960s.] Super 8mm. Color. African American family documenting their house decked out for the holiday, the woman and girl showing off presents like Barbie dolls and a blender, and ends with the man putting the camera on the kitchen table to get a group shot of the three. These folks might live either in the northern U.S. or Canada as they have an Expo ’67 pennant on the wall.
  • #316. [Off-air Recording of The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, October 29, 1976.] Super 8mm. Color. Silent (sadly). Amusing filming off the television with the Halloween special, including KISS, on the screen!
  • #317. [“Three Girls – Halloween Candy, Birthdays, Sherry Graduation, Dells 7-4-1975.” 8mm. Color. Three little girls carving a jack-o-lantern in their costumes, a toddler carrying her lit birthday cake, receives a big-wheel type trike, a high school graduation, another birthday, and a visit to the Wisconsin Dells including POV footage from a duck boat.
  • #318. [Adult Christmas Party, Drinking, Inside/Outside Decor, 1972.] Super 8mm. Color. Adults sitting around living and dining rooms (full array of booze on the counter), playing with a small dog, and lots of footage of the interior and exterior holiday decorations.
  • #320. [Superimposition of Surfers over Family Gathering, Beach and River Fun, Funny Dancer, 1965.] Family picnicking on patio which is then superimposed by footage of a person surfing, then young people having fun at the beach, on a river in boats, and ends with a young man doing a funny dance in a living room while others watch.
  • #323. [“Maria & Party, Dad’s House,” ca. 1970s.] Super 8mm. Color. Christmas party with adults sitting around and chatting, outside a couple walking, a cool African American man walks by and gestures with raised fist, a man washes his VW bus, older perhaps Hawaiian man playing a ukulele, an African American man water plants in a backyard with a coal hopper.
  • #324. [Well-off Family Opening Presents for Camera, 1950s.] 8mm. Color. Family and Siamese cats enter living room and play with the cats, the group opens their presents — a reel-to-reel Dictaphone, a radio, new clothes (including a fir-collared coat), matching midcentury decorative paintings, a new portable television, etc., and another couple arrive. Cute decor.
  • #325. [“Hanukah Party at Elaine’s, 1976.”] Super 8mm. Color. Family goofing at the table and in kitchen, lighting the menorah, eating and chatting.
  • #326. [Dads Trying to Wrangle Kids on Halloween, Spinning Toddler, ca. 1970s.] Super 8mm. Color. Kids with their bags of Halloween candy, one man goofing with one of their masks, another man seeming to reason with a toddler who is grabbing more candy, and that toddler (presumably high on sugar!) spinning and spinning. Super funny.
  • #327. [“At the Church and Hall,” ca. 1970s.] Super 8mm. Color. Possibly Latino couple and family celebrating — couple exits the church to flying rice and hugs, then the very big wedding party enters a church hall, first dance and all dance to a live band.
  • #333. [African American Family from Akron Ohio at Outdoor Gathering and at Christmas, 1950s.] 8mm. Color.