A Flight Away

These films include footage taken in destinations at least a flight away (or very long drive) from Palm Springs, California, and don’t fit the holiday/wedding/special events category. The captions in [brackets] include labels from the original item in “quotation marks.” We add estimated dates and other details.

#129. [“Hawaii, Boat Ride, Garden, Streets”, 1971.] Super 8mm. Color.
#63. [“Atlantic City,” 1930s.] 8mm. B/W.
MD#1. [Melissa Dollman’s family home movies, 1950s.] 8mm (transferred to VHS and then digitized to 720p.] Color. Footage feature her mother when she was young, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandmother, and even her great-grandmother. Shot in Platte, South Dakota.

Coming Attractions

Below is a list of films we will be digitizing in the coming months.

  • #208. [“1957 Mardi Gras Street Costumes, New Orleans.”] Really great costumes, perhaps a sexy drag show, and sites around New Orleans.
  • #296. [Cuba – Vacationers, 1950s.] 8mm. Color. Cubans and/or other Latin Americans poolside, hotel, parrots, dancing to a band.
  • #312. [African American Family Goofing for the Camera, 1970s.] 8mm. Color. Group of rambunctious African American kids have fun with the camera person and goof around in the yard, adults join them, followed by the group leaving church and playing ball. Probably the Midwest.
  • #315. [African American kids playing in swimming pool and with ping pong table, cute adults pose and chat. May be the same adult men as seen in #314 on our “A Short Drive” page.