A Longer Drive

These films were taken, fully or in part, in destinations at least a four-hour drive from Palm Springs, California. The captions in [brackets] include labels from the original item in “quotation marks.” We add estimated dates and other details.

#36. [“Las Vegas Daytime,” — and nighttime. 1970s.] Super 8mm. Color. Stars with some nice nighttime neon shots on Fremont Street too.
#121. [“Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, Cliff Palace,” 1970s.] Super 8mm. Color.
#79. [“Solvang, CA/Calif. Vacation,” ca. late 1960s.] 8mm. Color.
#55. [“Arizona,” ca. 1960s.] 8mm. Color.This filmmaker experiments a lot with the camera’s zoom function.

Coming Attractions

Below is a list of films we will be digitizing in the coming months.

  • #190. [Yosemite, in-camera edits, ca. 1960s.] 8mm. Color.
  • #209. [“San Francisco with Myrna, 1964.”] Includes wonderful opening and closing titles and great images of San Francisco. 8mm. Color.
  • DR#1, #2, #3, #5,# 6, #8, #10, #13 & #15. [D. Root’s Home Movies: featuring family watching and narrating their 8mm films together, road trips and vacations in Hawaii, holidays, 1990 Castro Street Fair (San Francisco), and news coverage on local TV stations during the October 1989 Earthquake in San Francisco.] VHS. Color.
  • #220. [“Las Vegas,” ca. 1962.] Beautiful shots of Fremont Street-era neon signs at night.
  • #300. [“SF,” 1950s.] 8mm. Color. Group posing yard, aboard a fishing boat and hauling in a huge catch (swordfish?), demonstration of an old-fashioned diving suit in a tank, harbor shots, piers, Coit Tower, cable car turning around outside what is now the Cable Car Museum and again down at Powell.
  • #301. [“Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, Train ’69, Buffalo, Mountains,” 1950s.] South Dakota: Black Hills vistas, amazing shots of fog in the valley and mountains, field of flowers, beautiful shots of an artist at his easel painting the scenery, buffaloes and elk, fog, Lookout Amphitheater in Spearfish, the Black Hills Central ‘Klondike Casey’ Locomotive #69 pulling out, a beautiful gorge, Mt. Rushmore.

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